Team: Robert Chan, Tina Chow, Bruce Feng


The key emphasis for this student housing complex is social interaction.

The housing complex is a series of modular elevated slabs in a stepping motion, creating spaces for interaction and contemplation. As the slabs rise, the use of the space configures as the desired functions and
level of privacy fluctuates.

Lower levels of the capsule are programmed as shared spaces such as the lounge, kitchen, and hang out areas. The active building edge allows interaction with its surrounding ground plain, resulting in activities beyond its footprint.

The mid level houses semi private spaces including the bathrooms, the lounge and vertical circulation.

Each student occupies their own slab as sleeping quarters accessible via ladders from the lounge. Studying spaces are located where slabs overlap.

The rooftop area provides a space for contemplation.

Modular construction allows for greater efficiency during transportation and fabrication.